MIR-SAT1 Telemetry

A key challenge in operating remote spacecraft is that ground operators must rely on the limited visibility available through spacecraft telemetry in order to assess spacecraft health and operational status.

Telemetry, usually sent as data packets, give an indication of how the different subsystems onboard the satellite is performing. Any errors may then be identified. They contain information such as temperature, system voltage, battery power, satellite position, etc.

Once the MIR-SAT will be deployed on orbit, all its telemetry will be published on this website. Please click the button below to go to the ‘Telemetry’ page.

Help us track MIR-SAT1 once deployed on orbit. Details will be published later.

The MIR-SAT1 is currently undergoing a commissioning period and thus beacon telemetry might show strange behaviours from the satellite including erroneous values. Please note a number of technical tests are currently being done and this behaviour is expected.

However, we fully rely on the support of one and all to provide regular beacon for a successful commissioning of the satellite.

Thanking All for your support.