Completion of Antenna Support Structure for MIR-SAT1 GroundStation

The ground control station at the MRIC is currently under construction. This facility will enable the MRIC to operate and control the MIR-SAT1 satellite once deployed on orbit, and will consist of a control room at the premises of the MRIC and an antenna system on the roof of the building.

The antenna system will consist of 2 Yagi antennas and a 3m dish. This system will enable communication with our satellite as well as with other open satellites. A support structure is required to hold the antenna system. This structure has now been completed and installed as shown in the photos below.

The structure has a pivot system actuated by a winch and pulley mechanism to lower the lattice structure down in case of extreme weather events such as cyclones. The structure has been designed in accordance to the norms and standards, and all safety measures have been considered to ensure safe operation by designated staff.